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The Cosmonaut - Writing Exercise

Below is a writing exercise given by my lecturer and friend Charlene Putney. We we're given three abstract tarot cards from a deck and were told to write a narrative piece linking the three cards!


Credit: Jesse Lefkowitz

The cosmonaut went about his usual daily task of resetting the brain of yet another world, the inhabitants of this one were plagued with the hikikomori. The hikikomori is a disease that begins in adolescents and can affect the development of growth socially and physically, many adults end up being recluses and do not further the evolution cycle by lacking social skills to mate. That’s where the cosmonaut comes in, he acts as the guardian of worlds, shifting through different planes of existence and reaching to the brain, the core, of the worlds that need changing. His duty is one that brings isolation and great burden. If a brain can not be saved they are boxed away until they can be somehow redeemed or eventually just destroyed. The cosmonaut is dictated by rules set out by a cybernetic creature known as Alpha, however he still decides the fate of the worlds he visits, usually he would show zero remorse for those that went against the rules set by Alpha, but there was one outlier. A world of infatuation, a loving world to put it simply. He watched as creatures interacted, formed families, shared. The cosmonaut watched this world for many years, ignoring his duties as the guardian. He longed for such interactions, however he did not understand the organic emotions, he was confused by the creatures as they wept for those that had passed on. He never had anything to love nor for that love to be taken by death.

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