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Below is a list of games I'm proud to say I've worked on, from narrative driven, to platformers. I've worked on a range of game genres and types and constantly aim to explore new areas!

Digimon Ranch is a fangame I'm working on with a friend in my spare time as a love letter to the Digimon Vpet's from the 90's.

Focus is on raising and training Digimon and making sure they're cared for

This game is purely a fan creation and is in no way associated with Bandai Namco.

Digimon Ranch (Fan Game)


Detect Occult

Detect Occult is a Side-scrolling mystery game about a detective known as Jen.


She is investigating a possible breaking and entering, however not is all as it seems.

The game was featured on PCGamer for Best Free Games of the week and has been played over 2000 times.

It was developed with my partners interests in mind as part of an assignment and later finished in my own time with Phillip Elliot who helped with narrative and implementation of assets.

This project was released over on!

You can check it out here!

You control a six-strong party of eager adventurers and guide them through the unmapped dungeon of a long dead tyrant. In a world filled with myth and monster alike, can you brave the depths and gather the treasures it holds or will you become another unremembered tale?

Dungeon Delve is a 2-4 player Dungeon crawler, where you must guide your party through a dangerous dungeon in an attempt to loot its glorious treasures. Players can push their luck in order to gain more loot but if your party dies before exiting the dungeon, you get nothing!

Dungeon Delve

The game is currently in its first

edition state and is available to be ordered in its current state from here



Potato began as a Ludum Dare jam game and was finished later in a second mini jam in college.

You take on the role of a rope swinging potato in this physics based platformer!

You can find the game Here!

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